Vancouver Artist Lilian Broca Presents Heroine of a Thousand Pieces: The Judith Mosaics

By Vanessa Tam
November 16, 2015

Lilian Broca is an established visual artist based in Vancouver. Centuries ago, mosaic art was physically removed from ordinary people, with works mounted on church walls and domed ceilings. Broca, however, wants to make the art form accessible to everyone.

Broca’s latest exhibition, Heroine of a Thousand Pieces: The Judith Mosaics, interprets the story of the Biblical figure Judith and features seven large mosaic panels created in Italian smalto glass. The panels, which Broca completed over three years, weigh approximately 80 pounds, and range from 70 to 78 inches tall, and 48 inches wide.

The story of the strong-willed Hebrew widow Judith and the enemy Assyrian general Holofernes fits with Broca’s desire to tell stories of spirited women whose sacrifices, courage, and sheer force of will resulted in powerful social changes. The Judith Mosaics reveal Broca’s interpretation of an ancient story that raises ideas about women’s role in society, encouraging contemporary women to possess the courage and inner strength of the independent, daring Judith… Read full article online | View PDF