I create large scale mosaic glass art works using historical iconography and an ancient medium – smalto glass – to comment on contemporary societal issues. My mythological subjects reflect an internationalism, a worldly awareness attuned to significant concerns. I draw attention to political grievances, acts of exclusion, suppression and violence. Legends and fairy tales are all myths that carry powerful messages. Using their symbolism I pose questions about the relevance of allegorical role models for today’s youth. In previous bodies of work, including paintings and drawings, I have exposed the need for gender equality and the ever-changing roles between sexes. My narrative glass mosaics express ideas about the role of women which also extend to more universal statements about the human condition.
– Lilian Broca

The magic of mosaic art begins when the intrinsic natural beauty of the mosaic material is first observed and secondarily from afar when the image begins to emerge from within the abstract of a calculated arrangement of closely fitting mosaic glass tesserae. The result is spectacular and eternally enduring.

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Studio with the Judith Mosaics 2015

ISSUU Mosaic Art NOW Exhibition in Print 2011