Queen Esther Holding Evidence of Haman’s Guilt

48" x 32", Venetian glass, smalti, gold tesserae, gems, gold leaf on wood panel. Completed in August 2002. A frightened Queen Esther is carefully making her way to her quarters hoping no one is following her. I made use of exaggerated chiaroscuro in order to emphasize the drama of such a moment. In her [...]


Queen Esther

75" x 33", Venetian vitreous glass, gold tessera, gems, gold leaf on wood panel. Oct 2001 - completed in May 2002. This piece depicts an unhappy, albeit rich young Esther, whose hands are “tied” when it comes to approaching her husband with such a serious accusation and extraordinary request. Despite all the riches available [...]


Haman Leading Mordechai on the Royal Horse

70" x 33" Venetian Vitreous Glass, smalti, gems, gold tessera, gold leaf on panel. Completed in March 2006. This mosaic depicts the reward bestowed upon Mordechai for his loyalty to the King. (Mordechai had alerted the King of a secret plot arranged by some of his eunuchs to assassinate him). In a farcical turn [...]


Queen Esther Revealing Her True Identity

48" x 33" Iridium smalti, gems, gold tessera, gold leaf on panel. Completed in August 2006. This is the last mosaic of the Series in chronological order. A mature and confident Queen Esther in her most expensive and beautiful attire is removing the mask (the symbol of her secret identity) revealing an intelligent and [...]