Queen Esther Mosaics Series

During the biblical story, as in my series, Esther, undergoes a dramatic transformation: the Esther at the beginning of the story is a passive, obedient Esther, a marionette doll whose strings are pulled by several men. "Be beautiful and keep quiet" is the message she is given and she understands the message well. Later though, [...]

Queen Esther

75" x 33", Venetian vitreous glass, gold tessera, gems, gold leaf on wood panel. Oct 2001 - completed in May 2002. This piece depicts an unhappy, albeit rich young Esther, whose hands are “tied” when it comes to approaching her husband with such a serious accusation and extraordinary request. Despite all the riches available [...]

Esther’s Offering

70" x 43", Ravenna smalti, gold tessera, gems, gold leaf on wood panel. Completed in April 2004. This mosaic shows the image of young Esther at just that fateful moment when her name is called… the winner, the future Queen. She appears frightened but determined in her elegant white dress, the symbol of purity [...]

Queen Esther With Scroll

36" x 23.5", Venetian Vitreous Glass, smalti, gems, gold tessera, gold leaf on panel. Completed in November 2004. This is a private moment in Queen Esther’s difficult situation after realizing the seriousness of the decree written by Haman. I portray her as a thoughtful figure with eyes full of unspoken misfortunes. Identity concealment forces [...]

Surreptitious Dialogue

23" x 30" Millefiori, Pearls, Gold, Smalti, Vitreous on Honeycomb Panel 23" x 30". Completed in September 2007. As part of an ongoing Queen (biblical) Esther Series, this mosaic suggests a private conversation between two high ranking persons at the royal court who are secretly scheming. The tension of this dialogue rests in the [...]