Project Description

64″ x 64″ Smalti, gems, gold tessera, gold leaf on panel. Completed 2005.

This triptych mosaic image depicts a scene in the harem of King Ahasuerus and Queen Esther’s Palace in Susa. Mordechai just brought Haman’s decree which announces the proposed genocide of Esther’s people in Persia. Esther is reeling as she reads the parchment. She realizes at this moment that her role as a submissive wife to the King is about to change. She is prepared to sacrifice her own life in order to reveal Haman’s secret plans to the King and justice. For this leadership role she will need all the wisdom and courage she could muster.

The triptych consists of 3 panels, the middle one shows Queen Esther with Mordechai while the side panels represent the fancy architecture and vast riches of the palace. The left panel shows a meltdown of the image, first in becoming 2 dimensional and monochromatic, then in becoming a line drawing and finally the line becoming a series of pixels or small coloured fragments that become a shapeless mound of tesserae. The symbolism is the destruction or defeat of the Persian empire soon after the reign of King Ahasuerus and Queen Esther, and at the same time the basics of mosaic construction that strangely reflect the basics of modern technology, ie. Tesserae and pixels.

Queen Esther with Mordechai