Project Description

38″ x 104″, Smalti, Venetian vitreous glass, gold tessera, gold leaf on wood panel. Completed in April 2003.

This work is a diptych; the two panels connected by a piece of wrought iron with the same design appearing in the mosaic. It is the very tense scene of the banquet of King Ahasuerus, Queen Esther and the evil Haman. Esther is pointing at Haman accusing him of the plot of planning a true genocide in the kingdom. The royals are staring at the unseen Haman, the King with a doubtful look on his inebriated face and Queen Esther with a determined and accusatory stare.

The peripheral ends of this mosaic appear much like the floor mosaics of antiquity; monochromatic tesserae with heavy outlines that burst into contemporary bright colours and intensity towards the middle of the piece. The symbolism of the prison-like wrought iron piece resonates the exclusion of women from men’s lives and society especially where business affairs were discussed. Could it also point to the chasm between the two cultures connected through marriage?

Queen Esther’s Banquet