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California Film Festivals screenings

Audience Comments on the California Film Festivals screenings of RETURN TO BYZANTIUM:THE ART AND LIFE OF LILIAN BROCA, Oct 2012

California Film Festivals screenings2014-11-24T22:03:21-07:00

Vancouver Premiere

Return to Byzantium-The Art and Life of Lilian Broca - Vancouver Premiere, official selection of the Vancouver Jewish Film Festival 2012. More than 300 people attended our documentary and we've had a great time after the screening during the Q&A session. The public loved our documentary and we were pleased with the audience's response.

Vancouver Premiere2014-11-24T22:05:26-07:00

Copyright Infringement News report

Lilian Broca, in the last few years, had her mosaics designs stolen numerous times from the Internet, reproduced cheaply in in different countries and sold on eBay. Two months ago high fashion stores in Europe were selling quality clothes with Lilian's mosaics printed on them. We have the actual blouses and dresses that the artist [...]

Copyright Infringement News report2014-10-15T00:01:51-07:00


Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars and Simon Fraser University have awarded Lilian Broca an Independent Scholar Grant called "the Beatrice Gross Independent Scholar Award" for further artistic development in her career. June 2012